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Deb started poling in 2014 as a method of exercise rehabilitation following a car accident, and has poled consistently since then, so she is well versed in how to pole around injuries and disabilities! Her passion is igniting everyone else’s passion for dance! A bellydancer since 1992, Deb loves to celebrate feminine grace, beautiful lines and curves, and our abilities to move our bodies in incredible ways. Deb is also a three time amateur Floorplay finalist and loves the sisterhood that naturally develops through performing together. Deb is super proud of the wonderful group of teachers she has ready to guide you through your pole journey.


Jess has been poling since 2018 and an instructor since 2021. Jess is the most humble person you will ever meet, she has trained with some amazing polers, she is passionate about pole and her favourite thing to teach is inverts and watching students get excited about going upside down for the first time! She loves nurturing her students and makes sure they all leave her classes feeling even better than when they arrived. She is super approachable – need help with a nemesis trick? Jess is your girl.


Miss Jo has been with us from the start!! Over 20 years of pole dancing and teaching experience allows Jo to help students of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. She is our resident Burlesque and Lap Dance Queen! She is amazing at teaching our students the art of sensual dance, is super sweet and has the patience of a saint! Nervous about feeling awkward? Jump into one of Jo’s classes. She has the knack of taking all the uncertainty out of your pole journey, and will always have you laughing and having a great time in class!!! You won’t even realize how hard she is actually making you work out, because you’ll be having far too much fun!!


Miss Tee started pole dancing at The Brass Bar in 2018. From the very first lesson she was hooked, even with the pain and her lack of pole strength. Over the years she has worked hard to improve her strength and flexibility, soaking up all the knowledge of her prior teachers, to now teach students herself. Miss Tee has a dancing background of modern, jazz, hip hop and contemporary. She always comes up with creative choreographies that have her students coming back for more. Miss Tee loves strength and flexibility tricks and has a preference for spin pole.


Miss Jupiter is one of our newest pole instructors, starting teaching this year in 2023, even though she has poled for 11 years. She is very passionate about pole dancing and really enjoys competing in pole dancing sport competitions. Throughout her journey she has placed in two competitions! Jupiter also has a passion and career in music education. This drives her to bring meaning to her routines using her knowledge of music. Her background in education allows her to break down and explain movements and tricks in various ways to accommodate to her students. She loves to help others achieve their goals and will celebrate everyone’s wins!


Lilly started pole when she was 7 years old, hanging around at the studio while her mum taught. She would much prefer to try the pole tricks or hang upside down on the lyra or silks while Mum was teaching students, rather than do her homework. As Lilly grew and became more and more amazing, her mum took her on stage to perform as a guest performance at Pole Expressions in 2017. Onward from this Lilly found a love for the stage. Since then Lilly has performed as a guest performer at Pole Expressions, QLD Pole Championships, and Pole Theatre Amateur QLD. Lilly also started competing, and has MANY titles for both pole and lyra, which built her desire for more. Lilly is currently our Masters Level instructor and loves sharing her passion with others, seeing others’ smiles and confidence build.

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