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The Brass Bar Boutique Pole & Dance has been operating here in Maroochydore since 2007! We have had thousands of women come through our doors and find a fun new way to exercise and meet new friends. We aim to create an uplifting and empowering environment for people of all ages, shapes and sizes to learn the art of Pole Dance! We have 6 very capable and caring instructors. They are all trained in how to safely teach the correct technique of all tricks and are here to help, just ask!


Our 6 week courses are the best way to learn and start at Level 1 which is achievable for ANY person of ANY fitness level. We have structured our courses so that tricks begin at a very basic level and then increase in difficulty progressively and at a safe pace so that as you go up through the Levels you will be getting stronger and more toned while dancing your heart out! Every 6 week course is a choreographed routine that is broken down and taught over the 6 week term. 1-2 tricks are incorporated into the routine every week so that by the end of the term you have learnt a full dance with 8-12 tricks! Again no dance experience is necessary as the choreography is kept simple in the lower levels and starts to get more in depth in the higher levels. Included with all 6 week courses is unlimited Practice time so that you can get stronger quicker!


Anything marked Casual – All Levels on the timetable are able to be booked casually. These are a great way to try Pole and to practice what you learn in your 6 week course. Head to our Dance Studio Pro booking site for casual class descriptions


Pole Dance Fitness classes are like any other fitness class in that you can wear regular gym clothes – the only exception is tights. You will need to wear shorts rather than tights so that you can grip the pole with your legs. You won’t need shoes for class, bare feet is fine 😊 If you want to wear pole dance heels such as Pleasers this is fine also.
Please make sure you DON’T apply any body moisturizer on the night before or day of pole. It stays in your pores and makes the pole slippery. We want to grip not slip πŸ˜‰

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